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Ammolite Cloud

Ammolite Cloud is a cutting-edge experience, backed by the capabilities of a state-of-the-art data center, enabling small and medium-sized businesses to scale rapidly. Our cloud environment provides our clients access to their data anywhere, any time, and the capability to provision new resources in a matter of minutes.

Here’s what you need to know about Cloud Computing

As a business owner you’re driven to ensure you have the most effective technologies to communicate and collaborate to maximize the output of your team. We support our clients in understanding how your business can leverage cloud computing to optimize their businesses. Cloud-based computing infrastructure and software solutions are helping small and medium sized businesses like yours increase efficiency, productivity, and process.

For a deeper understanding of cloud computing and how it can benefit your business download our white paper.

What is
the Cloud

The cloud is an outsourced IT infrastructure, providing your business with efficient, flexible, and powerful resources, but without the need to own and manage the technology yourself.

It can be difficult to know where to begin when considering the move to the cloud. Download our quick guide on questions you should be asking when choosing a provider.

Advantages of Cloud Computing for you as a business owner:

  • Cost saving
  • Eliminates the need to maintain and replace expensive hardware
  • Access to systems anywhere at any time
  • Turn-key security and administration
  • Automated backup and disaster recovery
  • Staffing level flexibility

More about
Ammolite Cloud

Ammolite Cloud is a service we created specifically for businesses like yours. We understand your needs and built this service to make it easy and beneficial for you - in fact it’s turn-key! In addition, you’ll have network monitoring, security and backup as baseline services.

With the latest in power delivery equipment and security (24/7/365 video surveillance and on-site security officer plus a multi-layer security system with key card and biometric authentication) we provide a safe haven for your IT infrastructure so you can focus on your business. Ammolite Cloud adheres to the highest possible compliance standards including SOC 2 Type 2, PCI DSS and is Tier III Certified. Meaning, we’ve got your security needs fully covered.


We’re here to answer your questions and support your move to the cloud. Contact us and we will learn about your business and ensure the right assessment is completed before making any decisions to move to the cloud. We’d love to tell you more about Ammolite Cloud and discuss cloud services we can help you deploy.

"Ammolite Cloud allows our business to operate with lower costs and higher efficiency. Meaning they saved us money and we're able to spend fewer resources on maintaining our IT infrastructure and focus more on our business. We could select the package that suited our budget and it's had an incredible impact on our business. I'd recommend not only looking at how cloud services could help your business but working with Ammolite to make it happen."
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