ammolite CLOUD

A cutting-edge cloud experience aimed to rapidly scale medium-sized businesses. All while backed by the capabilities of a state-of-the-art data centre.

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Your medium-sized business solutions.

Scale your IT resources by leveraging our expertise in managing complex projects, building customized solutions, and consistently boosting efficiency. We work to not just understand the way you do business, but to improve it.

ammolite SOLUTIONS


ammolite NETWORK+

Connectivity, speed, and security. NETWORK+ offers you peace of mind in knowing that your network will always be available. Stay reassured that your devices will be up-to-date and secure with access to a 24/7 Network Operations Center.

ammolite SECURITY+

Our SECURITY+ package combats risk to ensure your data’s safety. It includes 24/7 access to a Security Operations Centre and cyber awareness training for your team. We make dealing with your security simple.

ammolite BACKUP+

A fully-managed backup solution that keeps your documents safe and accessible. With testing and on-going support, you will never worry about losing your work again.

ammolite ACCESS+

Powered by Inuvika

Providing you secure access to corporate applications anywhere there is an internet connection. Your data never leaves the corporate network, even when you do.

We consult to deliver your IT projects

Our team of Field CTOs and Solution Architects help maximize your investments in technology.

We manage your ongoing IT needs

End-to-end support to lower costs through reduced overhead, streamlined management and monitoring.

We procure hardware, software, & talent

When you are ready to grow, we are there to help – every step of the way.

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Ammolite has been the most professional and responsive IT team I've ever worked with. It has been like building an airplane while flying as we implemented all of the required systems while accelerating through business growth - I can't imagine another team that could do that!
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