We’ve built a culture around trust and continuous learning. As a customer, you get to experience this first hand. We listen first, then provide leading-edge solutions.

As a full service IT provider, our mission at Ammolite is to teach and empower organizations to achieve amazing results through adopting technology.

Ammolite offers businesses access to a team of experts who focus on the customer’s needs above all else. We believe in building lasting relationships with our partners, and we approach all our interactions this way.

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Our home base is in Victoria, BC, where our clients have access to a wide range of remote and in-person IT experts.

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Our office is in the heart of downtown Calgary, Alberta. Staying Staying close to the pulse of Calgary’s business district, we keep our service delivery nimble. You can come to us; we can come to you; or we can meet virtually.

Ammolite has been the most professional and responsive IT team I've ever worked with. It has been like building an airplane while flying as we implemented all of the required systems while accelerating through business growth - I can't imagine another team that could do that!


Mac Engineering,
an Ammolite success story.

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What can business owners do to manage their own IT?

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