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Coastal Heat Pumps Case Study

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Business Situation
Coastal Heat Pumps is a family operated business located in Victoria, British Columbia. With more than 15 years of continuous operation, the company specializes in heat pump installation, inspection/maintenance, and repair. Amidst government incentives for homeowners to transition to energy efficient heat pumps and a scorching series of heat waves in its area of operation, Coastal Heat Pumps has experienced accelerated growth. As its operational footprint grew, the company’s information technology (IT) needs became increasingly complex, placing a heavy strain on its hardware, network, security, and internet bandwidth to keep pace with rapid change

Inspiration for Change
Like many small businesses, Coastal Heat Pumps relied on a part time IT consultant to manage the procurement and setup of PC workstations, maintain its local area network/Wi-Fi, and troubleshoot unexpected hardware or software issues. As its business growth accelerated, the company quickly realized that its current level of IT support would not be sufficient to keep pace with the need to quickly adapt operations and systems. Coastal Heat Pumps faced several limitations holding back business performance, including reactive IT support that constantly placed the company’s needs at the back of a waiting line as the contractor juggled multiple clients, a local area network built on residential-grade hardware that created ongoing connectivity problems, and lack of transparency into whether the workstations being purchased on their behalf were the most cost-effective. Coastal Heat Pumps wanted to replace its “break and fix” IT support with proactive managed services that match the company’s growth profile without the burden and cost of managing a full time IT team.
"Ammolite gives us a sense of empowerment as a client because we know we can focus on our business growth without having to be distracted by managing, scaling, and supporting our underlying information technology.”
- Ashley Gulevich, Operations Manager
Ammolite Solution
Coastal Heat Pumps reached out to Ammolite Technology (Ammolite) to tackle its rapidly growing IT complexities. The company selected Ammolite ONE, a subscription based managed IT services package providing all-inclusive hardware procurement, security, and day-to-day support. Ammolite rapidly responded to Coastal heat Pumps’ growing pains through a quick systems and software assessment using remote access and addressing short term challenges within the first month, including upgrading the company’s local area network and negotiating increased bandwidth at a discount with its internet service provider. Ammolite provides Coastal heat Pumps with ongoing IT monitoring, troubleshooting, and guidance to bolster its operations and position the company for sustained growth

Pivotal Business Results
Backed by Ammolite ONE managed services and dedicated IT specialists, Coastal Heat Pumps is seamlessly navigating continued business growth with scalable systems and support. The company’s staff benefit from Ammolite’s personal and friendly approach, proactive management of IT systems and software (eliminating IT fire drills), and transparent procurement of workstations and other hardware that ensure Coastal Heat Pumps is clearly aligning specifications with the optimal costs. The Ammolite team provides nondisruptive service by monitoring the company’s systems remotely and by working outside of business hours while also empowering Coastal Heat Pumps through training and giving staff plans of attack to implement and self-resolve their own IT issues. What’s more, by leveraging Ammolite’s all-inclusive managed IT services, Coastal Heat Pumps operates at increasing scale with a lean team without the need to hire, manage, and compensate full time IT employees.

IT Solutions Expertise
Ammolite partners with organizations to maximize their investments in technology. Providing exceptional customer service, Ammolite Technology empowers users through consultations, tools, and training. With decades of combined experience, Ammolite’s experts offer customized IT support, turn-key technology management, and procurement solutions. Vendor partners include Microsoft, VMware, Dell, Inuvika, Lenovo, Google Cloud, iXsystems and Veeam. With locations in Calgary and Victoria, Ammolite provides strategic IT solutions to businesses across Western Canada.

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