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Backup Recovery Testing

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12 December 2022
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Confirming your data is ready to go in the event of a disaster

Valid backups are the bedrock of a robust business disaster recovery and business continuity strategy.

Regular, automated backups are critical. But if they have not been tested and validated, you may not know your backups are available and ready when it counts.

Our team’s backup recovery testing solution offers regular automated test recoveries of your most critical data.

Save recovery time in a local data loss scenario

Gain peace of mind your backups have been tested

View reports featuring screenshot verification of backups

Test comprehensively across system state-, file-, and folder-backups

Have backups ready to use when you need them the most

Automatically test backup recoverability

We will test Your Windows® servers in the recovery testing plan automatically every 14 or 30 days, depending on your organization’s needs.

How backup recovery testing works

We spin up a testing environment in the cloud, restore your backup, and take a screenshot to verify successful recovery.

We delete the cloud testing environment after the test.

We generate an accessible report confirming the successful backup test.

If you are looking for a technology partner who can assist with your backup and recovery planning start a conversation with our team today.

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